Dorinda Medley was devastated for her friend, luann de lesseps, when she announced that she would be divorcing Tom D'Agostino. Of course, Dorinda had something invested in the relationship, as she was the one who had hooked up Luann and Tom to begin with. Medley had known Tom from her social circles and being out in New York City, while she knows Luann from "The Real Housewives of New York." When she found out that Luann was single and Thomas was available at the same time, she felt that the two of them would be a good match. They both loved to travel, they both loved going out and getting drinks, and as she points out, they both enjoyed having sex.

She felt that they were the perfect fit. It didn't take long for Thomas to propose to Luann. Within just a few months of knowing one another, they were engaged. After a year of being together, they tied the knot but had to file for divorce after seven months of marriage because Luann felt that the cheating rumors were out of control.

Not a problem or person to blame

When Luann de Lesseps sat down with Andy Cohen not too long ago on "Watch What Happens Live,” she explained that while she didn't believe he had cheated on her, the rumors and stories in the press were simply becoming too much. Luann doesn't think that Tom cheated during their marriage, and when asked about the divorce, Dorinda Medley explained that she doesn't think there's anyone to blame.

While some people blame Thomas for his cheating prior to the wedding, other people blame Luann because she ignored all of the red flags and tried to change Tom to be a person he wasn't.

According to a new report, Dorinda Medley believes that there's no one to blame but the ex-girlfriends from the past. They shouldn't have been around as much as they were.

It is clear that she is referring to Missy as one of the previous girlfriends, as she was often around during the time when problems were arising between Tom and Luann.

“I didn't think that helped that all these old friends that were maybe once-girlfriends that were still all hanging around. Not that anything was going on.

I just think a new marriage needs to be left alone.”

Too many women

He clearly has a lot of girlfriends as he had a bachelor lifestyle prior to getting married and these women seem to appear in random places that were not great for Luann. She simply couldn't control him despite her wanting him all to herself. As for Dorinda Medley, she believes that her friend will be just fine even though she and Tom could not work things out. Perhaps she should've known that Thomas wasn't willing to give up the bachelor lifestyle, but he shouldn't have proposed knowing he wasn't able to leave all of his ex-girlfriend's behind.

Luann really wanted a marriage where it was just the two of them and they could live happily ever after, but Thomas wanted Luann and have the ability to go out with all of his ex-girlfriends when he wanted.

It is possible that Dorinda feels the same way as Luann, and she wouldn't want John's ex-girlfriends around all the time if they were married. Perhaps this is why she's keeping her distance a bit from the whole marriage idea, as Medley has no intentions of settling down and tying the knot once again.

What do you think about Dorinda Medley speaking out about Luann de Lesseps’ divorce? Are you surprised she's not pointing the finger at anyone in terms of blame, but instead hints that the ex-girlfriends were probably not the best ingredients in their marriage?