Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her new husband, Austin Forsyth, have been the center of controversy even before Joy-Anna announced she was pregnant with their first child. The pair has been the target of rumors for several months, with fans stating that the couple had engaged in premarital sex, which is a huge no-no for Duggar family members, thanks to their conservative values. The Duggar family is so strict with it comes to premarital sex that members of the family are not allowed to hold hands before they are engaged to their significant other and are not allowed to do anything but side-hug their partner before marriage.

The side-hug can only last for three seconds, and front-hugs are not allowed until marriage.

Which rule did the couple break?

Austin Forsyth admitted that the pair did break one of the rules when it comes to side-hugging. The pair evidently side-hugged for longer that three-seconds, which is against the rules. The couple also got carried away when Austin proposed to Joy-Anna, and they front-hugged, which is banned until marriage. They aren't the only Duggar couple to get carried away in the heat of the moment, however. Joy-Anna's older sister, Jill Duggar Dillard, also front-hugged her now husband before they were married when she finally saw him after several weeks apart from one another.

The couple also broke curfew, according to Austin.

He stated that he hadn't meant to disrespect his future father-in-law by not getting Joy-Anna back to the house before the agreed upon time. The pair evidently stayed out really late talking to one another and getting to know each other. Austin says that the conversation was going so well that he didn't want to stop it, and it wasn't until later that he realized the pair had accidentally stayed out way too late after their curfew.

Did the pair break the cardinal rule?

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Austin Forsyth have neither confirmed nor denied that they participated in sex prior to their wedding date, however, it isn't often that a Duggar addresses rumors, especially one that is so seemingly far-fetched for them. Fans and critics of the mega-family will definitely be watching closely to see when Joy-Anna gives birth, and will definitely be counting down the days and hours it would have been since her conception. While Joy-Anna is relatively large for a woman who is just out of her first trimester, some are suspecting that she may be carrying twins. #CelebrityTV