Jessa Duggar Seewald of the TV show "Counting On" has faced countless instances of mommy shaming from the Internet for very ridiculous and basic things that all moms do. The reality TV star got so fed up with the silly claims that she wasn't treating her sons right that she made an Instagram post shading all of the haters and telling them that they shouldn't be having a hissy fit over something so trivial. But as is the cost of being on reality TV, if Jessa Duggar Seewald shares anything about her family, the young mom-of-two has to expect that there will be criticism, whether it is warranted or just plain stupid.

Jessa's latest "scandal" with baby Spurgeon

Jessa's eldest son, Spurgeon, was the subject of the latest mommy-shaming episode. Spurgeon's care has previously been questioned by mommy-shamers who are appalled that Jessa has been allowing him to continue drinking out of a bottle, even though he is over two years old. Many have told her that he will develop buck-teeth and need braces when he gets older, some even giving her estimates when it comes to how much their own children's dental work cost.

In Jessa's latest Instagram video, showing Spurgeon ripping up tissues and pretending to have a sneezing fit, fans again lost their mind over the adorable baby and his bottle. Apparently, the Internet knows better than the child's mother when it comes to what exactly a child should be doing at a certain age, and commenters weren't shy about letting Jessa know that they thought she was doing the mom-thing all wrong.

However, Jessa has helped raise her younger siblings and has been around babies most of her life, so it would be fair to say that Jessa knew a thing or two about baby development before she had her son.

Some fans think Spurgeon's speech is delayed

In addition to giving Jessa their unwanted opinion, fans have also given their unqualified opinion on Spurgeon's development.

According to them, the 2-year-old's speech is slightly delayed when compared to other children his age, and when it comes to the Internet, everyone is a doctor and loves to use their own anecdotal evidence to back up their claims. Jessa has not responded to the allegations that Spurgeon's speech is delayed, but fans have previously worried about her younger sister, Josie, whom they also believe is developmentally delayed due to complications with her birth. Some fans believe that the Duggars are not ones to take responsibility if their child becomes ill.