Unfortunately for most Reality TV stars, whenever you place yourself in the public eye, fans have to give their opinions of your life, whether you asked for it or not. Chelsea Houska, who appears on Teen Mom 2, has learned the hard way that fans will go crazy no matter what you do. The young mom-of-two has come a long way since she first appeared on Teen Mom 2 with her daughter Aubree. Previously, she spent a lot of time pining over Adam Lind, her baby daddy who is in and out of Aubree's life and has proved to be somewhat of a deadbeat dad. The reality TV star has since married and begun to live a better life without Lind, but that doesn't mean that social media trolls don't have the time to tell her they think she's mad some bad choices.

Chelsea accused of "poisoning" baby Watson

The young mom recently gave birth to a boy named Watson with her husband, Cole DeBoer, just eight months ago. And like all mothers, Chelsea wants her son to grow up happy and healthy. In order to do so, Chelsea has been following the vaccination schedule set by her doctor. As Chelsea's own father is a doctor (though of the dental variety), she most likely understands the importance of listening to those who have an authority on medical advice. However, this didn't stop fans from accusing the young mom of "poisoning" her baby by giving him vaccinations.

There was a back-and-forth on Chelsea's Instagram, where some fans were "disappointed" in Chelsea for deciding to "listen to her doctors" instead of "looking things up" on her own.

They felt that she was putting things into her child's body that had not properly been tested on humans, and claimed that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)'s schedule of vaccinations was too new for parents to follow religiously. A free-for-all back-and-forth erupted on Chelsea's social media, but she came prepared.

Chelsea fires back

Chelsea Houska made it known that she knew that anti-vaxxers would be attracted to her posts by writing, "I was waiting for these tweets ...." after the argument erupted. She did not join in or defend herself against the anti-vaccination posts, only stated that she knew they would be coming out of the woodwork.

Chelsea, however, is making the best choices possible for her son, Watson, and is trying not to let the haters get in her way. The mom-of-two is currently enjoying the quiet life as a wife and mom in her hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.