Beyonce Knowles and her daughter blue ivy visited Houston together to help in the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The mother and daughter duo served free meals as part of the singer’s initiative to give back to her hometown in Texas, US Weekly reported.

Houston, Texas was one of the areas heavily devastated by Hurricane Harvey last month. The hurricane made landfall to the United States, destroying homes and properties in the region.

The recent Instagram posts of the Grammy award-winning singer showed her and Blue Ivy serving food and connecting with the victims of the recent tragedy.

Beyonce was in full smiles wearing a white sleeveless top, denim jacket and pants as she served meals provided inside styrofoam packs.

Another photo showed the relief efforts spearheaded by the female singer arranging the food packages. Even the victims who got their share of the food were dressed up glamorously in off-shoulder outfits. Others photos on her official Instagram account showed her team unloading boxes of food from a truck.

Beyonce’s relief efforts

The city of Houston, Texas is close to Beyonce’s heart as she lived here for several years. After the storm devastated the city, she expressed her desire to offer as much help as she can to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

US Weekly earlier reported that Beyonce also stopped by a church with her daughter Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Knowles Lawson.

They were also with Michelle Williams, a member of Beyonce’s singing group, Destiny’s Child. Around 400 victims benefited from their free meals, the report added.

She is working closely with her BeyGOOD team and some members of her church in downtown Houston to kick off and implement relief programs for the hurricane victims.

The singer reportedly donated money to help the communities recover from the recent onslaught of the storm, US Weekly added.

She joined other celebrities who also pledged donations for the victims of the tragedy, such as Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sandra Bullock. Aside from the free meals, the female singer also provided toiletries and diapers to the local people in her hometown, Vogue reported.

Charitable work

Beyonce Knowles is also slated to hold charity performances that will raise funds for her project, Vogue added. These concerts are going to be held in Boston on September 28 and in New York on October 3.

Aside from her initiatives for hurricane victims in the United States, the singer has previously raised funds for the victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and those affected by the Hurricane Katrina several years ago, the magazine added.