Jessa Duggar has been getting heavily criticized for her decision to do the "Fashionably Modest" speech. Duggar Family haters have been out in full force with plenty of questions for the married daughter of Jim Bob Duggar. Jessa has stuck to her beliefs of only wearing skirts and dresses, but there have been a few times when her shirts were tighter than expected. Now, there are rumors swirling that there is a rift between two of the sisters.

Duggar family feud

It seems that there is always rumors of a feud between two Duggar family members. Jessa and Jana often argue over minor things, some of it was even caught on an earlier season of "Counting On." Now, it seems Jessa is at odds with another one of her sisters.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa and Jinger Duggar are reportedly feuding because of Jinger's decision to wear pants. This was a huge deal in the Duggar world, and she is the first female to be publicly photographed wearing anything other than her skirts and dresses. The pictures nearly broke the internet Kim Kardashian-style. While there haven't been actual quotes from Jessa and the feud is only speculated, the idea that it is possible is a bit disturbing.

Jinger Duggar didn't rebel, her husband, Jeremy Vuolo is actually okay with her wearing pants and shorts. Nothing she has worn has been too over-the-top, in fact, the pieces complimented her well. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have not addressed the pants scandal, but Vuolo recently talked a little bit about why he isn't against women wearing what they want within reason.

It seems Jeremy believes there are bigger things to worry about than what a female is wearing. He wants to focus on sin like pornography and drinking instead. Jinger isn't breaking any rules and now that she is married, Jim Bob no longer has control.

Jessa still has no comment

There hasn't been much said about Jessa Duggar and the speech.

Several fans have been questioning whether or not she actually believes what she is preaching or if she is strictly doing it for the money. Several social media comments have asked her about her thoughts on Jinger Duggar changing since moving to Texas but there has been no response. There have been very few public speaking engagements for the Duggar family since Josh Duggar made mistakes two years ago. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the sisters when the new season of "Counting On" begins.