Jessa Duggar has been picked on in the media a lot lately. From her mommy blunders to her husband's liberal attitude, there has been a lot of talk about her private life. Earlier this year, Jessa became a mother of two when she gave birth to her second son, Henry. She was the second Duggar daughter to get married and while she was once dubbed the most popular, that title now goes to her younger sister, Jinger Duggar.

Parenting advice from the masses

Once a Duggar gets married, they are allowed to have social media accounts. Jessa Duggar has an Instagram she regularly updates with photos of her family.

Occasionally, she posts a photo that critics deem questionable, and the masses of people log on to comment about what she is doing wrong. From Spurgeon being photographed with two bottles in his mouth to Henry being a chunky baby, Jessa has been the target of some cruel comments. Fortunately, she has thick skin and isn't going to take the comments to heart.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar has a little sass built up in her. She posted a photo of Spurgeon with a bottle on Instagram, captioning it to address the massive concern over the photo of him with two bottles. Duggar commented about how he does still like his milk from a bottle even though he is 22-months-old, but she also mentioned he does drink water from a cup.

She also threw some shade and invited those who have perfect parenting advice to drop it in the comments and the moms with anxiety over a toddler with a bottle were more than welcome to as well. She went on to explain that she does have regrets Spurgeon weaned early, as she planned to breastfeed him until he was two. Jessa isn't known for firing back, but it appears she is momma bear when it comes to her children and comments made about them.

Expanding the family

Fans have already questioned whether or not Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are planning to expand their family. Right now, they have two sons and seem to be in a good place. They have addressed wanting to adopt in the past and with that, there are some stipulations regarding the age of other children in the home.

Right now, Jessa has been helping her siblings with their weddings. There have been two weddings within four months, which is a huge deal when you have a family as big as they do. While there has been no comment about whether they are planning to expand their family in the near future, it is expected to happen at some point.