Reza Farahan from "shahs of sunset" showed off his dramatic weight loss transformation on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen last month but now he's just shared the shocking before and after photos on Instagram.

Reza has been focused on losing weight and getting healthy for the past few months, and his results are inspiring. "Shahs of Sunset" fans were shocked to see a much more slim-looking Reza without a mustache when he came on "Watch What Happens Live."

A drastic before-and-after

On Friday, the Bravo star took to Instagram to show his fans how truly amazing his weight loss journey has been.

On the left was the before photo, taken eight months ago and on the right was the after photo after he had lost 43 pounds.

Reza was still rocking a clean-shaven face in the after photo, which makes him look a lot different than he does on television. He was also flexing some well-earned abdominal muscles for the camera. The "Shahs of Sunset" star admitted that when they were shooting the reunion episode for the last season, the Bravo producers asked him to take a 'before' picture so that they would be able to have an image that would give some "perspective" on his weight loss.

After months of dieting and exercise, Reza's body looks incredible.

He asked his fans on Instagram what they thought about his weight loss transformation. He also gave a shout-out to his trainer Ashley Borden.

He's killing it

When he appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" last month, he joked with Andy Cohen that 20 pounds of his weight loss was from shaving off his mustache. Andy Cohen said he hardly recognized him when he walked into the room.

Reza said he had been "killing it" with his diet and exercise program and was "counting calories" and working out "like a dog."

The Bravo host asked him if he was having trouble keeping the weight off, but Reza said he was not. His husband Adam Neely asked him if he was sure he wanted to throw away his custom suits in case he gained the weight back, but he didn't want to keep them.

Reza previously mentioned he liked to hit the gym but that it is never with his Bravo cast members, adding that Golnesa is "lazy as f**k" and "goes to the plastic surgeon instead of working out." He also said that MJ has actually been working out recently but that they don't go to the gym together.

The reality star commented that Asa didn't work out after having her baby and just said that nursing her son "sucked it right out of [her]" but that she did lunges and squats to get her "booty, even more, that way."

What do you think of Reza's weight loss transformation?