Jenelle Evans is counting down the days until Saturday, which is the day she will get married for the second time. She has been planning her wedding to David Eason since earlier this year, as the two decided to get married when they were filming "Teen Mom 2." When she gave birth to Ensley, David realized that he wanted to stay with her forever, so he planned a proposal with the MTV crew. He made sure the kids were looked after and the two went for a hike. He proposed to her in a special spot and she accepted. During a follow-up scene, Evans talked about how she wanted a summer or a fall wedding, and the two decided that this year would be better than next year.

While Jenelle is excited about her upcoming wedding, fans are not as thrilled.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans recently revealed that she had spent money and time on a gift to her husband. But as she was excited about her wedding days, fans decided to list all of the things they don't like about David Eason. He gets involved in Jenelle's relationship with her mother, he talks over her, he's spending her money, he's aggressive when he's angry, and he doesn't listen to Evans. These were just some of the concerns that her followers have brought up.

Worried about David

Fans are worried that Jenelle Evans is making a mistake when it comes to David. They are worried that he will end up making her life miserable because he clearly has some issues as well.

Even though Jenelle claims that this is the best relationship she's ever had, her fans worry that it isn't good enough.

"I can't stand the way she lets David run his mouth off about her mum he has no right and it's so disrespectful. I would never let anyone in the works speak about my mum like that ever, no matter what we are going through.

He is not decent for that reason in my eyes," one person wrote on Jenelle's Instagram post, revealing that David has no right to yell at Barbara the way he does.

The custody of Jace

Perhaps David isn't helping the situation when it comes to little Jace. Barbara has revealed that she doesn't want Jace living with Jenelle Evans because of David.

She claims that Jace has told her that he doesn't like Eason and he's scared of him. Jenelle claims that this is false and that the two actually get along quite well. No word on what is true, but he's saying he likes David when he's with Jenelle, but tells his grandmother something else.

What do you think about fans being concerned about Jenelle Evans' upcoming wedding?