So, it finally happened. In the season 7 summer finale, Donna made a bold move, approached Harvey, and kissed him. The episode was named ‘’Donna’’ and brought a lot of emotions to the character. First, she was unprepared for the trial where Malik embarrassed her on the stand and made it look like she would do just anything for Harvey, even break the law. While that may be true, Donna felt humiliated and kind of took it out on Louis. It could be argued that she only felt this way because deep down she knew that it was true. She realized she always put Harvey’s needs above her own.

Mike and Louis gave Donna the final push

Harvey dropped a bombshell when he told Donna he was seeing someone. While she managed to look calm and happy for him, we could see the news was earth-shattering for her. Rachel moved Donna when she said she thought Donna deserved the best. That’s what kept her from making a mistake and spending the night with her ex, who is married. In the episode, Louis had an emotional outpouring and shared his regrets about not being able to tell the love of his life that he loved her. We could see that his confession affected Donna and made her think. Then came Mike advising her to go and tell Harvey how she feels about him. While Donna sounded a bit cold, it was easy to see that she was feeling it all.

She gathered courage and surprised Harvey by kissing him. She said “I just had to know.” and left.

Does Donna want more?

Season 6 finale had a similar cliffhanger when Donna told Harvey she wanted more. While ‘’Darvey’’ fans hoped she was talking about their relationship, later we learned that she actually wanted a more important role at the company.

The Darvey kiss will probably affect the plot of the remaining episodes a lot. Harvey is currently in a relationship and we know how he feels about infidelity. His mum was unfaithful to his dad and it affected Harvey a lot and made him kind of unable to commit. That changed a bit and Harvey started seeing his former therapist.

While it’s true the show has been building Harvey and Donna’s relationship since its beginnings, some fans are not quite sure now is the best time for them to actually start dating. We know they spent a night together a long time ago and we’re sure he does have some feelings for Donna, but it’s not easy to argue what he will do now. Aaron Korsh, ‘’Suits'’ creator, even claimed Donna’s move was a bit selfish, considering Harvey’s current situation.

What's next?

Season 7 will have six more episodes and what Donna did will probably affect how things develop till the end. Harvey might get angry with Donna for making him unfaithful without his consent. He might choose to break up with Paula and start dating Donna.

It can also happen that Donna realizes the kiss meant nothing to her and that she actually doesn’t have feelings for Harvey. Whatever happens next, it will definitely affect their work since they agreed a long time ago that they can’t date and work together. While many hope they’ll finally become a couple, others think Donna and Harvey should keep things on a professional level and stay best friends. ''Suits'' is back this winter.