Javi Marroquin was fairly angry when he learned that his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, had gotten pregnant just one month after their divorce papers had been signed. While they had been working on their divorce for a few months, Marroquin hadn't come to terms with the fact that his wife wanted out of the marriage. He had left their home in Delaware to serve in the Air Force overseas and when he left, he had a happy wife and two sons. When he came back, his wife had prepared divorce papers and he was left wondering if he would have a relationship with his stepson.

Fans saw all of their drama play out on "Teen Mom 2," so Javi probably didn't have much respect for Lowry when he learned of her pregnancy. While he was grieving their marriage, she was planning a new family. Even though Kailyn later revealed that she was planning on raising this baby on her own, Marroquin was devastated and shocked. At the time, he questioned who this man was, but he later learned the truth when Kailyn broke the news on her personal website. He was just someone who had gotten her pregnant and she was doing everything by herself. According to a new report, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he wants nothing to do with this new man in her life. He doesn't see the point, as he essentially swooped in and had the baby that he thought he would have with Lowry.

Not buddies with Chris Lopez

Kailyn Lowry wanted Javi Marroquin to meet chris lopez, so he knew who he was. Perhaps she wanted them to meet so Javi knew who Chris was, especially since Lincoln would probably be around Lopez. Even though Lowry reveals that they are not a couple, one can imagine that Chris will come to visit his son at her house.

But Marroquin revealed that he had no interest in meeting the guy, as Chris isn't a stepfather to Lincoln.

“Kail tried to get me to meet him one day,” Javi has revealed about the situation, adding, “But he doesn’t do anything for my son to provide for him. He doesn’t take care for him so to me there is no reason to.”

Marroquin does have a point.

He doesn't see the need to meet someone, who has nothing invested in Lincoln's life. Kailyn has revealed that she's not dating Chris, so it makes sense for Javi.

Nothing to gain from relationship

In addition, Marroquin doesn't see anything in terms of gain. While he's cordial with Jo Rivera, he doesn't see the same dynamic for Lopez. With Jo, Javi can reach out to him in hopes of seeing Isaac if Kailyn doesn't allow him time. This is something that would be irrelevant with Chris.

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