Jenelle Evans is currently going through two custody cases and they have been plaguing her for months. While Jenelle has repeatedly fought for custody of her oldest son, Jace. Shortly after giving birth, Evans signed over custodial rights to her mother, as she was not in the position to take care of her son. He was too much work for her and she wanted to do something else with her life.

Jenelle was too busy to date guys, run away, smoke pot, and even steal her mother's credit card to care for her son. The "Teen Mom 2" star signed over custody, but she has been fighting for years to get him back.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now being reminded that she chose to abort one child. This came up when Evans chose to share a photo online, where she celebrated her children. In the photo, fans could see Jace, Kaiser, and little Ensley. While these are indeed all of her children, she's in a custody battle over Jace with her mother, and over Kaiser with her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. But there is one child who she's not acknowledging according to one follower.

Why are fans reminding her of abortion?

When Jenelle Evans was married to Courtland Rogers, she was shocked to learn that he was lying to her about using drugs. After he was arrested for possession, she decided to divorce him.

But after she made her decision, she learned that she was pregnant with his baby. Rather than keep the child, she decided to divorce him and to get an abortion. This is something fans remember, as it was documented on "Teen Mom 2."

"Not all of them! One is in Heaven because it was aborted!" one follower wrote to Evans, revealing that she should have kept the baby she aborted after choosing to divorce Courtland.

When she was married to Courtland, the two had talked about adding kids to their family. While Jenelle had Jace, Rogers had a daughter with another woman. But as soon as Evans decided to file for divorce, she crushed his dreams of becoming a father again. One has to wonder what kind of father he would be with a massive drug problem.

Always a rumor

Of course, Jenelle Evans is always caught up in all kinds of rumors. She has done several things over the years and fans tend to add to the stories, making them much worse than they are. Her name is often involved in stories that are much worse than the truth.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans being reminded of the child she chose to abort right after her decision to divorce Courtland Rogers? Do you think it was brought up just to hurt her?