Jenelle Evans has been keeping a huge secret from her fans since the beginning of the year. Ensley, who was born in late January, was tested positive for THC when she had a blood test. This essentially means that Jenelle was smoking marijuana throughout her pregnancy and Ensley was born with THC in her blood.

Someone argued that she was essentially born addicted to marijuana, which may explain why she would cry quite a bit after being born. Even though "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle had denied ever doing drugs during her pregnancy, it sounds like she wants fans to know that she didn't do anything wrong.

However, after the positive blood test, it sounds like fans may have a hard time believing that this is true.

This positive blood test is quite a blow to Jenelle’s custody case to get Jace back. For years, she has argued that she is a fit and capable mother and she would be more than ready to care for Jace. But the judge may disagree after learning that Ensley had been born with marijuana in her system. This is not exactly a trait that perfect mother would have.

Barbara has revealed that she has known about the positive test since the birth of Ensley, but hasn't said anything to the public. It is quite possible that she is using this blood result to get even more control over her own custody situation, as she still wants Jace to herself.

Barbara now has a weapon

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans' mother Barbara is working hard to ensure that Jenelle won't ever get custody of Jace and she is supposedly using this positive drug test as a weapon against her daughter in court. The report reveals that Barbara is ready to fight for Ensley in court, even if it means playing dirty.

“That’s the reason we were going to court. I can’t send him over there when that’s happened [Ensley testing positive for drugs]. I don’t want to put him in that atmosphere,” Barbara has revealed about Jace.

Of course, Barbara can't step in and take custody Ensley, as David is present in Ensley’s life. It is possible that David also smoked pot during Jenelle’s pregnancy and that he may fall under the same rule as Jenelle when it comes to being unable to care for the baby.

These days, she is over seven months old and sounds like she's doing quite well despite her positive blood test.

Could influence custody case

It will be interesting to see what Barbara will do to keep Jace in her care to protect him. For a long time, fans of "Teen Mom 2" believed that Barbara was being unfair in her decision to fight for custody. Evans claimed that her mother was trying to keep Jace from her because of her MTV paycheck.

But after the result of Ensley’s blood test, it sounds like Barbara's comments about Evans not being sober were true. Perhaps Barbara just wants to protect Jace to ensure he doesn't grow up to become just like Jenelle. Maybe she's scared that he will be exposed to drugs, marijuana, and an unstable home if a judge decides to put Jace back with Evans.

What do you think about Barbara taking Jenelle Evans to court to maintain custody of Jace? Do you think she can use Ensley’s blood test results as a weapon in court?