Tamra Judge was shocked when she heard that vicki gunvalson was talking about her behind her back on Monday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." During the episode, Vicki hosted a birthday party and she had invited many of her former co-stars. It is well-known that these ladies don’t like Tamra Judge and during the episode, the man from her wedding claimed that Eddie had been spotted making out with another man. He said this was true because he had seen it with his own eyes.

Vicki Gunvalson has repeatedly said that she doesn't mind gay people and she has nothing against their lifestyles.

But her behavior seems to be suggesting something else. During the episode, she freaked out and started gossiping about Eddie Judge, even though she said she really didn't care at all. Now, Tamra Judge is speaking out and she doesn't have nice things to say about her former best friend. As she revealed on Twitter, after seeing Monday's episode there is no chance of them ever becoming friends again.

Homophobic comments

According to a new report, Tamra Judge is now revealing that her former best friend Vicki Gunvalson has a scary addiction. She’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol, but Tamra reveals Vicki is addicted to creating drama for the sake of ratings. It doesn't matter who she targets or who gets hurt by the drama.

Gunvalson doesn’t hold back when it comes to spreading rumors about her former friend’s marriage and about Eddie being gay. She would much rather gossip than keep the peace.

"I think Vicki is addicted to putting others down to make herself feel good. I also think she chooses bad men over her friends and children and worst of all continues to lie about cancer.

Lie after lie after lie...it's clear she will not stop until she is satisfied she hurt me, Shannon or anyone in her path," Tamra reveals on her blog.

Claims she doesn't want drama

In her own blog post for Bravo, Gunvalson explains that she really didn't care that Eddie was being talked about. She didn't care that he kissed another man and that he was possibly gay.

However, on the show, she seemed to be excited about this gossip and she loved talking about it as if it had no consequences. Tamra was clearly disturbed by the fact that her co-star would stoop so low to discuss such hurtful matters.

Of course, she is known for creating drama and not really caring who she hurts. This is been seen time and time again on "The Real Housewives of orange county," as she has gone through several friendships over the past couple of years. Gunvalson has lost several friends prior Tamra Judge, but she keeps returning to the show every year because she finds it fun to be involved in drama.

Some of her co-stars have questioned whether she is only on the show for the sake of drama and money.

She has filmed the show for 12 seasons and she has revealed that she would never quit. Perhaps she really does enjoy the drama more than she enjoys true friendships.

What do you think about Tamra Judge’s comments about Vicki having an addiction to drama? Do you think she simply can't stop hurting people for the sake of her own enjoyment?