Jenelle Evans may not have changed as much as she wants fans to think. According to a new report, the "Teen Mom 2" star and mother of three is facing shocking allegations which suggest that her youngest child, seven-month-old Ensley Jolie Eason, tested positive for marijuana at the time of her birth, which reportedly led Child Protective Services to launch an investigation against her.

Just a short time after Radar Online revealed that Nathan Griffith's mother, Doris Davidson, filed for full custody of Evans' middle child, three-year-old son Kaiser, The Ashley's Reality Roundup has revealed new details about the situation, claiming that baby Ensley actually tested positive for THC, an ingredient found in marijuana.

Although many children are taken from their parents after being born with drugs in their system, Jenelle Evans was able to retain custody of her daughter and even managed to keep the scandal off "Teen Mom 2." That said, the cast and a lot of the crew were allegedly well-aware of what happened at the hospital but agreed to pass on airing footage involving the incident on the show in an effort to keep Evans sane.

Jenelle Evans wormed her way out of child abuse charges

After following the requirements made by Child Protective Services for months, the "Teen Mom 2" star was able to evade charges by flying out to Los Angeles and obtaining a medical marijuana card. According to a source, Evans visited a shady doctor on Sunset Blvd.

who has been in trouble in the past and in the end, she was able to use the card to end the investigation against her.

The outlet went on to reveal that many of Evans' "Teen Mom 2" co-stars and some crew members were extremely angry to see her "skate through" and avoid having her drug use scandal air on the reality series. As a source revealed, some people involved in the show were hoping that the drama would play out publicly in an effort to prove that Evans' "happy family" claims are far from the truth.

David Eason's sister accused Jenelle Evans of smoking pot while pregnant

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup revealed, Evans was accused of using marijuana while pregnant several months ago by the sister of David Eason, Jessica Eason. However, after sharing the news on social media, Eason eventually retracted her claims.

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