Amber Portwood is currently dating a man named Andrew, a producer she met after her short stint on "marriage boot camp." She was filming the show to make peace with her boyfriend, Matt Baier, as she had felt betrayed by his actions on the previous season of "Teen Mom OG." Portwood started questioning her relationship with Matt and she wanted him to take a lie detector test. She had been concerned about cheating and she wanted a definitive answer. When she learned that he hadn't cheated on her, but had made sexual advances towards another woman, Amber was furious.

She wanted out of the relationship and she broke things off with him. They went on "Marriage Boot Camp" to solve their issues, but she quickly realized that their relationship was a lost cause.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now learning that someone is claiming to be her on the internet. This person is using her identity to get guys' attention. Portwood reveals she knows there's a person claiming to be her, but Twitter won't shut this person down. When Amber was confronted with the person, she revealed she had tried to get the person deleted, but the social network wasn't doing anything to stop the fraudulent account.

Catfish claims to focus on Leah

The person who claims to be Amber Portwood has revealed that they are looking for a place to be.

The screenshot provided to Amber reveals that the person is talking about Leah as well. One can imagine that this Catfish will eventually end the relationship, as they can't meet with their online love interest, as their cover will be exposed.

It sounds like this person could be a case for the Catfish team, Nev and Max.

Perhaps Amber Portwood could reach out to them to let them know that she needs help shutting this person down, especially since she's talking about her daughter Leah. The team has helped people before, who have others copying their identities.

Matt Baier set an example

Perhaps Matt Baier has set an example for online relationships.

Matt reached out to Amber Portwood after he was shut down by Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. He used Twitter to get into contact with Portwood and the two met online. People may think that she will date people she meets online because she gave Matt a chance. But she's in a relationship now and she's open about it, so the person being fooled may realize he's not talking to Portwood.

What do you think of Amber Portwood's tweet that she has tried to shut down this person? Do you think she should reach out to the Catfish team?