Jenelle Evans made headlines recently as it was revealed that her daughter, Ensley, had been tested positive for THC at the time of birth. This was something that Jenelle had kept secret from her "Teen Mom 2" fans, as she didn't want them to know. THC is an ingredient found in marijuana and fans quickly jump to the conclusion that perhaps Jenelle had smoked pot during her pregnancy. Fans were shocked to learn this news, but Barbara revealed she had known all along and had kept the news secret from fans.

Barbara has often talked about how her daughter isn't clean, and perhaps she is now arguing that the pot was the drug that she was talking about.

Because Evans has previously been addicted to heroin, her fans expected that she was talking about something a lot more serious than pot. That's not to say that marijuana isn't serious, especially for young baby. Apparently, Child Protective Services came to investigate Jenelle and her future husband David Eason but found no reason to suspect that Ensley’s life would be endangered in the home.

Fans hoping for the best

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans hasn’t said anything about the THC test result, but fans are very disappointed that she would keep such a big secret from them. It is clear that she really wanted to do great with Ensley, as this was her chance to prove to the world that she was able to care for a child by herself.

She's currently entangled in two custody fights with Barbara over Jace, and with Nathan Griffin over little Kaiser. When Nathan heard about Ensley's positive result, he decided to fight for his son as he didn't want him being raised in such an environment.

Fans are clearly disappointed with Jenelle for smoking during pregnancy, as they had been rooting for her to stay sober and clear.

Many of them have defended Jenelle for a long time, as they believed that she could truly change her ways. She revealed that she really wanted to do things right and she wanted fans to back off a bit. But since Jenelle had already admitted to doing drugs several times, many fans questioned whether she was truly sober.

"She is perfect thank god ...

I was upset to read that she was born addicted ...I've always thought Jenelle's life was rough and people made unfair judgments on her but if it is true that she tested positive as did both parents when she was born I'm just utterly disappointed... Jenelle knows better," one fan wrote to Jenelle.

Sober not the truth

Even though she said she was never on drugs, the positive THC test proves that she at least smoked pot during the pregnancy. The results were enough for Child Protective Services to step in and investigate whether the home was indeed safe for the children.

One could hope that this investigation will be enough for her to get her act together so she can move on from this drama. Many fans have begged her not to have another baby, as they fear that this child may also be born addicted to drugs.

As for Evans, she has hinted that she may be done having children for now but she is interested in what the future may bring with David Eason.

What do you think about fans being disappointed in general because of the blood test? Do you think the authority should've done more to ensure Ensley was safe in the home, as Jenelle Evans was smoking pot during the pregnancy?