Javi Marroquin was trying to be civil with his ex-wife when he returned home from serving his country overseas. During his time overseas, Kailyn Lowry revealed that she no longer wanted to be married to him and she would do whatever was necessary to start the divorce. She couldn’t file for divorce as he was serving overseas, as she needed his signature to finalize the divorce. They tried to make it work while he was serving overseas, keeping it cordial when they talked on FaceTime for the sake of the children. But Marroquin quickly learned that he was on his own when he returned home.

"Teen Mom 2" viewers saw how Javi was welcomed home when he returned back from serving in Qatar. His sons were excited to see him and they were jumping up and down with joy. Kailyn gave him a hug as well to indicate that he was happy that he had returned home without too much drama. However, when he asked to borrow a car seat to transport his son back and forth, Lowry turned him down.

Harsh scene over a car seat

She told him that he needed to go get his own car seat. Marroquin understood that he needed to go get his own seat now that they were splitting up, but many thought that Kailyn Lowry could have at least let him borrow the car seat that night so he could spend time with his son. Fans thought that she was very rude and that she needed to be more understanding of his situation.

He had left his home six months prior with a wife, children, and a happy marriage. He returned to divorce papers, an angry wife, and no understanding of the situation.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is still being questioned as to whether he has a car seat for his son. On "Teen Mom 2," Javi is often seen driving a truck.

The cameras installed within the truck revealed that he does not have a car seat for Lincoln. Of course, fans were quick to point this out as they wondered where Lincoln would sit since he didn't have a car seat.

But on Twitter, Javi revealed that he actually has two cars and that the truck he drives on the show is actually his work truck.

He does have a car seat for Lincoln and it is in his personal car. Perhaps he just never films himself driving his personal car as he values the time he has with his son when they are alone.

Critical viewers

It sounds like Javi Marroquin is on top of it when it comes to the safety of children. Many of the stars are often criticized because of the way they handle their kids. Jenelle Evans was also recently attacked because of the way she had placed her daughter in the car seat. This strap that goes across her chest was supposedly not high enough for some people. Half of her fans revealed that she needed to adjust the straps, while others just enjoyed the picture of her daughter. It is possible that it is quite taxing on these stars, as they're constantly told that what they're doing with the kids is wrong.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin defending himself over having a car seat for Lincoln? Do you think it is fair for fans to be so critical of the way these stars are parenting their kids?