Jenelle Evans is nothing if not a controversial figure on "Teen Mom 2." The reality star regularly has blow-outs with her mother over the issue of custody of her eldest son Jace, whom her mother took custody of shortly after his birth due to Jenelle's heroin addiction. Although Jenelle portrays the perfect life on social media, fans who watch the show are acutely aware that things are not as they seem. While she gushes over her children on social media, fans have been made aware that Jenelle was accused of having marijuana in her system when she gave birth to both Kaiser and her youngest, Ensley.

They have also questioned many of the choices Jenelle has made when it comes to raising her kids, such as allowing her young children in a hot tub, letting her sons ride on an ATV without helmets, and letting her kids roam near her new pool unattended.

Jenelle uses her wedding to dig at her ex

Jenelle and her ex, Nathan Griffith, have historically had heated arguments, especially when it comes to their son, Jace. Just recently, Nathan's mother, Doris, attempted to gain emergency custody of the little boy after claiming that Jenelle needed a psych evaluation. Due to Nathan's history, however, he is not currently allowed to be alone with Kaiser either. He was, though, hoping to keep Kaiser away from Jenelle on her wedding day just to be petty.

He seemed like he manned up when it was shown that Kaiser was at the wedding, but Jenelle took the opportunity to dig at him anyway.

"Even tho some people may not give you the attention you deserve, I'm glad you have someone like David and our family to give you the love you need to grow up and show the same love to your own family some day.

Never forget we will always be here for you when others may not be. I love you my precious little boy," she wrote underneath a photo of the pair.

Her controversial treatment of her son

Many fans of "Teen Mom 2" have noted that Jenelle and her husband, David, are not always especially kind to Kaiser. In the season premiere of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle was accused of "throwing her son like a rag doll" and was criticized for getting into a screaming match with her then-fiance in front of him.

She also left him in the car alone while he cried and she collected herself, which made fans wonder if she really cared about her son. She has also been criticized for supposedly allowing him to wander around their backyard by himself, and for the fact that at three, he is still not potty trained.