Jenelle Evans is now back home after going to court last week in an effort to get her son Jace back in her custody. The MTV star has been trying to prove that she's more than ready to get her son back in her care after signing over the legal rights to her mother. At the time, Evans couldn't take care of her son because she had no job, no health insurance, and no money. Jace was just a few weeks old when she signed over the rights to her mother.

While Barbara had promised to sign back the rights to Jenelle, it never happened. And as she started making money from "Teen Mom 2," it was much easier for her to continue the custody battle going as she was getting some big paychecks from MTV for filming the show.

Evans has revealed that her mother loves the money and would keep Jace from his own mother as long as she gets money from MTV.

Judge does want Jenelle to see her son

Even though Jenelle Evans didn't get custody of her son, she did see a small win. The judge recognized that Evans has changed and she is working hard on fixing her life. While the judge didn't think that she was ready to take him into her care, the judge did recognize that Barbara was keeping Jace from his mother and this was not alright.

"Barbara, you need to start thinking about the child and not yourself in the future," Jenelle told E! Online about the judge's words to her own mother, who has been accused of keeping Jace from Evans.

In other words, Barbara is now required to allow visitation. She can no longer keep Jace from Jenelle, even if she doesn't want him to hang around his mother. Apparently, she had kept him from his own mother for over five weeks, which seems downright outrageous. This may have been the reason behind the judge's stern warning to Barbara.

Is MTV influencing Barbara's decision?

Evans has hinted that Barbara's role on "Teen Mom 2" and her paycheck from the network keeps her engaged in the drama. It is the fuel that keeps the custody battle going. When the judge asked Barbara to think about the future, the judge could have been talking about her MTV paychecks. The paychecks won't keep coming in the future and she needs to think about what is best for Jace.

This is something Jenelle has talked about for a while, so one can imagine that the judge understands what Jenelle is saying.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans's court drama? Are you surprised that Barbara kept Jace from Evans for weeks, purposefully separating him from his mother?