For the most part, Nathan Griffith isn’t a “Teen Mom 2” fan favorite. For those who don’t follow the MTV series, he’s one of Jenelle Evans’ baby daddies. Despite being Jenelle’s ex, Nathan still has a place on the reality TV show as he’s the father of her son Kaiser. As those who follow all things “Teen Mom 2” know, the ex-lovers have been fighting a lot as of late regarding the custody of young Kaiser and whether or not Nathan should be allowed to see him unsupervised.

Jenelle and Nathan’s lovers don’t get along

Unsurprisingly, Jenelle hasn’t exactly seen eye-to-eye with any of Nathan’s other lovers.

His ex-girlfriend, for example, took Evans to court last year and claimed Jenelle had assaulted her in the driveway. Jenelle admitted to having a mason jar filled with ice water with the intention of throwing it in the girl’s face. Her hand slipped, and she ended up hitting the girl with the mason jar instead. While Jenelle ended up being found not guilty, there was no denying Nathan, and his now ex-girlfriend had made a pretty strong attempt to get Evans behind bars.

Jenelle is happy for now

Outside of the drama between Jenelle and David’s sister, she seems pretty happy with her fiancé and latest baby daddy. Nathan, however, has always been close by and holding out some string of hope that he and Evans would get back together.

Nathan may have finally moved on

Thanks to a recent post on social media, Nathan appears to have finally moved on from the idea of getting back with Evans. There’s no denying the break-up with his ex-girlfriend following Jenelle was ugly. Because he was arrested for breaking into her home and attempting to choke her following their breakup, Jenelle always knew how to pick them, huh?

But, things seem to have turned around for Griffith after meeting up with a 29-year-old woman named Ashley in Florida. In fact, Nathan shared a picture and a video of himself and his new love on Instagram kissing. Those who follow Griffith on social media know he has a massive interest in fitness and exercise. His new girlfriend may just be the perfect match as she appears to be into the same things.

Naturally, a lot of “Teen Mom 2” fans are questioning the sanity of a woman who would be willing to get into the middle of Nathan and all of the drama that comes with him.

At this time, MTV has not released any details regarding whether or not Nathan’s new girlfriend will appear on the season of “Teen Mom 2” which is currently airing. More importantly, is Jenelle going to hit her with a mason jar as well?