Danielle Mullins Jbali and Mohamed Jbali have been categorized as among the most dramatic couples on reality television. The pair seemed ill-suited for one another from the start, with a huge culture and age difference that had many questioning the validity of their relationship. After the pair split, it was reported that Mohamed had not been performing his "husbandly duties" and Danielle accused him of cheating on her.

Mohamed alleged that he wasn't enticed by Danielle, mostly because she had bad body odor. The pair divorced after a series of dramatic face-offs, but that wasn't enough for her.

Instead of getting a divorce, which would allow him to remain in the United States, Danielle asked her lawyers if she could possibly have the marriage annulled. This was ruled impossible due to the fact that they had consummated their marriage. But now, the pair have even more drama going on in the shape of a lawsuit.

Danielle takes Mohamed to court, again

Danielle has decided to sue her ex, Mohamed for some of the expenses it cost her to bring him to the United States. As a sponsor partner, much of the expense fell on her, and now that the marriage fell apart, Danielle feels that she should be reimbursed for her trouble. The "90 Day Fiance" star has decided that $12,500 seems to be fair.

Both parties seem to have moved on, however, with Danielle in school to become a nurse and letting all her fans know she has a new boyfriend.

Mohamed recently posted to social media that "love is in the air" so it is possible that he is seeing someone new as well. The lawsuit, however, will keep the pair tied to one another until it can be resolved. Currently, it is out for tracking so that a process server can give Mohamed the papers and they can get on with the whole process.

Needless to say, those who watch "90 Day Fiance" will find the whole thing incredibly interesting.

The drama between the pair never stops

According to Starcasm, the drama between the pair is partially manufactured for the show. They believe that the ratings have been given a huge boost through watching the ill-fated pair fight and Danielle chasing Mohamed around attempting to make things "fair."

Unfortunately, the pair will never get the happy ending they had originally hoped for, although one could argue that Mohamed was never looking for a future with Danielle. However, they will continue to rake in the reality TV money as long as they appear on the TLC hit.