Spoiler alerts indicate this coming week will be a rough one for the Newman's and Abbots in genoa city. Jack and Billy will go head to head in the war between "Brash and Sassy" and Jabot. Nick will be in a battle with Victor when he finds out that his father reclaimed the 500 million dollars he won in the lawsuit. Bother against brother and a father fighting his son. These four men will cause problems for most everyone in town. The Newman/Abbot war is one thing but having these men turn against their closest blood kin will not produce any winners.

Victor and Nick are at odds

When Nikki and her children found out about Victor's role in Adam's death, they disowned the Newman patriarch. Nikki moved off the ranch and bean dating Jack Abbot again. Victoria has accepted her father's olive branch and is slowly beginning to come around, Nick, however, has continued to hold a grudge. He so angered his father that Victor put him out of the Tack house while his daughter was at summer camp.

When Faith returned, she was distraught to find out she had to move from the Newman ranch. Nick allowed her to vent at him for disrupting her home, for a while. Eventually, he became tired of his father's antics and told his little girl the truth. He admitted that it was her grandfather who forced them from their home.

Faith later told Victor that she could no longer trust him, and it broke his heart. He called Kevin Fisher to return to Genoa City and had him hack Nick's financial records. After the discovery is made, spoilers say Nick will see his father giving a toast and realize it was he who stole the money.

Jack and Billy are out to destroy each other

Spoiler alerts indicate that Jack will have fake news waiting on the Jabot website for his brother. Billy will take the bate and be exposed for hacking into the computers of the company his father founded. The youngest Abbot will attempt to cover his tracks, but it may be too late.

Jack has been trying to sabotage Brash and Sassy because his brother is romantically involved with Phyllis. Billy has been giving counter punches in order to keep Victoria from losing everything she has worked hard for.

The corporate sibling rivalry between Jack and Billy along with the father-son dispute between Nick and Victor will make all the combined Newman-Abbot wars pale in comparison. Should Victoria ask her father to step in and save her company, this will have Victor and Jack at each other's throats again, and the drama will only increase. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS to find out what happens next on "The Young and the Restless."