Kailyn Lowry has almost hit the amount of dislike that Jenelle Evans has dealt with since the beginning of "16 & Pregnant." The way she has treated Javi Marroquin has been talked about all over social media. Lowry decided she wanted to divorce him last season and as their troubled marriage was aired on television and in the tabloids, Marroquin was stationed in Qatar serving the country.

And baby makes three

A few weeks ago, Kailyn Lowry was on the "Teen Mom 2" live show. She admitted that she did want more children and a third child was likely. This raised red flags among viewers, and Javi Marroquin weighed in on the situation on Twitter.

Lowry told everyone that she was done being married to Marroquin because she didn't want any more kids and he was pushing for it. As it turns out, Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child and will now have a third baby daddy.

The news of her pregnancy was reportedly leaked to the tabloids by someone she was close to. Kailyn believes that it could have been Javi Marroquin, but that is ironic because according to some reports, she never came out and told him she was expecting her third child. In fact, she purposely tried to hide it from him. Someone they are mutual friends with filled him in.

Who is the daddy?

There are several theories on who fathered Kailyn Lowry's child, but she is staying quiet.

She has confirmed she is single and not with anyone, but commented that the baby was planned. Some people believe that the guy with the dreads from the "Teen Mom 2" episode is her baby daddy, while others are going with JC, her producer. There has been no confirmation that she was sleeping with him at all, it is all purely rumors right now.

The fact that she won't say the name of the guy who fathered her child is bizarre, though.

Javi Marroquin and his family are upset at how this was handled. Even though the two are no longer together, something like this should have been discussed because it will affect Lincoln. Kailyn Lowry told Jo Rivera without giving it a second thought. If Isaac's father knew, Lincoln's should have as well.