Folks aren't sure whether to believe that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant or not. Supposedly, pictures showing Lowry's positive pregnancy test were just a prank. And her cheating was evidentally a rumor spread by ex Javi Marroquin. So why does the "Teen Mom 2" star seem to feed pregnancy rumors? After weight loss, Kailyn admitted to putting on weight but most thought it was stress from the divorce. Did the reality television mom hint weight gain was a baby bump?

Kailyn Lowry cheating pregnancy scandal

The "Teen Mom" star hasn't definitively said yes but neither has she denied pregnancy.

Javi Marroquin, the father of her second son Lincoln, suggested that Lowry had cheated on him. But he kind of recanted that story. Then Kailyn teased that she had a new boyfriend in December. The pregnancy test pic turned out to be photoshopped, and the reality television star posted a few comments on Twitter that could be taken several ways. She admitted she doesn't always make good choices but that her heart is full.

Kailyn Lowry assumed pregnant after weight gain

The only concrete evidence to support the "Teen Mom" star's pregnancy is her weight gain. At first it was just suspected that the reality show mom was getting heavier. Over the past year or so, Kailyn has boasted on Instagram that she beat obesity with an impressive 40-something pound weight loss.

Folks wondered if maybe she was just slacking off on diet or exercise a bit. Or maybe the reality TV star was depressed after divorce and comfort eating. But then, Kailyn confirmed that yes, she's put on weight. In that and Lowry's "full heart" comment folks grew a pregnant belly. But it could be more body-shaming than baby bump.

More to Kailyn Lowry's weight loss than diet

If she's not expecting, then what's up with the "Teen Mom 2" star's weight? It could be depression but it could also be that she's in love or just in a less fat-shaming place. Women in comfortable relationships tend to put on weight rather than take it off. Javi Marroquin was looks-obsessed to the point of pushing plastic surgery. For his sake, Lowry had a butt lift and tummy tuck and possibly breast implant procedure. Maybe, with Javi gone, Lowry is letting up on body size concerns and loving her body as it is.