Janet Jackson has lost a remarkable 70 pounds since giving birth to her first child at age 50. Over the years fans have watched as Janet, like most women, has fought a daily battle to maintain a healthy weight.

Janet Jackson's new outlook on life

According to Us Magazine, Jackson knew having a baby at age 50 was going to be difficult in all areas, especially when it came to losing all that excess Baby Weight gained at this late stage in life. However, Janet has stunned fans once again, taking charge of the difficulty and making it look easy. Janet recently posted a current photo of herself, proudly revealing her weight loss success on Instagram -- and proud she should be!

Jackson vows to be healthy for her son

Just eight months after delivering her son Eissa, new mom Janet is looking fierce. The singer, who is preparing to head back out on tour, recently revealed her weight loss and diet secrets during a People magazine interview. The celebrity magazine reported that Janet was well aware that she was previously at an "unhealthy weight" and despite splitting from her husband (Wissam al Mana), she vowed to lose the weight for her son.

As previously reported, Janet and Wissam decided to split just weeks after the arrival of their son in January. The couple's decision to split was due to difficulty getting along. They came to a mutual agreement that it was best for them and Eissa to part ways.

This is Janet's third divorce as the singer was previously married to James DeBarge for a year, and then to Rene Elizondo Jr. for nine years before calling it quits.

Janet Jackson moves on

So what are Jackson's diet secrets? Janet claims she has followed a fairly strict diet of lean protein and veggies and lots of exercise. Jackson also adds that dedication to her diet and strenuous exercise and dance practices have been the number one factor in terms of successfully achieving her weight loss goals.

Extra reported that one other important Jackson dieting tip was taking her weight loss diet in phases. Along with the diet tips above, Janet also incorporated juice cleanses into her plans and plans on adding a super cleanse in the next several weeks. Not only is Janet looking great, but she reveals that she is feeling awesome and is dedicated to making this tour her "greatest" so far. It certainly looks like all the hard work is really paying off.

What are your thoughts on Janet Jackson's 70-pound weight loss? Do you believe her weight loss tips would work for you?