Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes just confirmed their long-rumored relationship on Monday after being spotted holding hands at Malibu beach. They were seen walking together, and this marked the first time that the couple was spotted freely in public. The couple was first linked back in 2013; however, they remained quiet about their relationship status.

During their romantic getaway over the Labor Day, both strolled at the beach barefooted. Holmes was seen wearing a blue printed dress while Foxx sported a plain navy shirt and sweatpants. It seemed that both were being cautious about being spotted together, but they were seen having fun.

Relax and playful

Foxx and Holmes both enjoyed their romantic getaway together. Foxx did not leave her side, and they were constantly holding each other's hands. It seemed that the rumored couple appreciated every moment that they spent to each other, Entertainment Tonight reported.

As they held hands to the beach, both were seen very relaxed and playful under the sun. They were also spotted playing around the water with their clothes being worn. Some of the eyewitnesses have admired the kid in them as they seemed to be enjoying a lot on the beach just like children. Foxx also captured a video of Holmes while dancing along the beach. They were also seen chatting to each other as they sat down along the shore.

Rumored relationship

Over the years, the rumored couple continued to spark the news about their relationship status. However, in one of the interviews with Foxx, he told Entertainment Tonight that the rumors were not true.

Nevertheless, it is quite amusing how the couple can consistently be seen together in public. In fact, one of the eyewitnesses snapped a photo of the couple back in April as they spent an intimate dinner in New York City.

There were also times when they were seen dancing intimately together with their closest friends. Perhaps, it was the first time for the rumored couple to be seen out in public and proving the news about their relationship true.

A source has also told Entertainment Tonight that both seemed to be getting stronger with their relationship.

Despite being mum about their relationship, both Foxx and Holmes have enjoyed quite date nights together. On the other hand, Claudia Jordan, Foxx's friend, also told USA Today that the Hollywood actor is very happy with Holmes. However, shortly after her statement, she added that Foxx has never told her whether or not he's officially dating Holmes.