Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were reportedly dating for over three years. However, both have kept their relationship a secret from the public eye. There were reports which claimed that both of them had spent thousands of dollars just to keep their dates as private as possible. There were also reports which revealed that they had been married secretly, however, none of these were proven true.

Right now, recent reports claimed that Holmes and Foxx would no longer hide their relationship. An insider, who is very close to the couple, revealed that they no longer wanted the kind of life they have right now.

This simply means that they are now ready to reveal their relationship in public. Holmes' friends had advised her to step up and be there for her true partner, Foxx.

Couple to marry in a private ceremony

One of their fans had spotted them dating in New York. Both were seen disguising with oversized sunglasses and hats. Further, they were also seen on a romantic vacation in Paris while at the same time, the actor was also filming the "Robin Hood" project. With this, some fans speculate that the actor wanted to keep their relationship away from the public and he doesn't want to talk about it at all.

Nonetheless, one of the recent reports reveals that the couple is now planning to get hitched in a private ceremony.

However, this news comes not much of a surprise. For many times, they were spotted holding each other’s hands. This had convinced their fans that they are now ready to take their relationship seriously to the next level.

Meanwhile, the insider reveals that the couple wants to have their wedding in a romantic location. One of their options is somewhere in France or Italy, where they can have their summer wedding.

However, the couple has yet to confirm these rumors or probably soon, when they are already married.

Foxx denies relationship with Holmes

These numerous rumors which swirled down about Holmes and Foxx had started almost four years ago. However, in one of his interviews, Foxx denied the rumors and called the news fake. Despite the different leaked images of him and Holmes, the "Robin Hood" actor insisted that nothing romantic is happening between him and Tom Cruise's ex-wife.

Nevertheless, despite Foxx' denial, the stories and speculations of fans about their relationship will not just easily die down. Some rumors also sparked that both are already engaged, however, representatives from both sides had denied the news.