The "Property Brothers" icon Drew Scott reportedly lost 25 pounds preparing for season 25 of "Dancing With The Stars." He revealed that he had worked hard to get back in shape. He also wanted to get the most coveted Mirrorball trophy this season and be hailed as the champion. Undoubtedly, Scott is very dedicated to winning the competition together with his official partner. Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive interview with the actor, and he revealed deeper details on his involvement in the show. Scott told reporters of ET that he is very excited but nervous about the upcoming dance competition, especially that he has been paired with a dance pro, Emma Slater.

Excited about the competition

He is very focused on his preparations since he’s overwhelmed that he's finally joining "Dancing with the Stars." He also revealed that they were already rehearsing for six weeks, together with his partner, Slater, one of the pros from the previous season.

In line with their preparations, Scott admits choosing a catchy name for their team, the "Team Hot Property." His brother, Jonathan, jokingly shared that Scott's upcoming nickname will be "The Robot." Meanwhile, his brother also added that Slater is already his best partner on the dance floor. However, he needs to have the intensity to win the Mirrorball trophy this season.

On the other hand, Scott revealed that he's ready for any physical demands that the competition will require him for.

Scott ended his statement by saying that he is dedicated to winning the competition this season. His brother also revealed that he's putting much effort to support his brother on the upcoming competition.

Commitment for the contestants

"Dancing with the Stars" is a huge dancing competition, and perhaps, it needs lots of commitment among the participants.

Scott revealed that he doesn't have any plans to slow down despite his busy schedule with his wedding preparations.

Amid the competition, the "Property Brothers" actor also added that they still have some few things to finish yet before they focus their attention on their special day. He also revealed that their wedding date hadn't been chosen yet since they were also busy with the renovations of their home in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Scott has so much more in store on his plate. Nevertheless, his commitment to winning the mirror ball trophy remains the same. He has got his attention focused on three things; the "DWTS" competition, the house renovation, and his upcoming wedding, but according to him, these things aren't giving him reasons to slow down.