Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are going public with their relationship after years of rumors that they were dating. Actually, they have been seeing each other for years. There are reasons they didn't go public sooner. On Labor Day, they were spotted and photographed walking barefoot while holding hands on a Malibu, California beach. Even though they were both wearing hats and sunglasses, it was still evident that they were enjoying themselves.

People have been wondering for years why the actors were hiding their relationship. While the 38-year-old ex-wife of Tom Cruise was completely silent about the relationship, the 49-year-old actor denied that there was anything between them.

Foxx denied their romance back in 2013 when they were first seen together dancing at the Apollo at the Hamptons Benefit. Neither they nor their reps confirmed their relationship even though photos of them have been appearing periodically over the years.

Their journey

After that dance, people began to speculate that there was chemistry between the two Celebrities. Foxx often said they were longtime friends. They were seen together from time to time in Los Angeles -- where they live not far from each other. Last spring, they were spotted spending time together in Paris, far from their homes. Foxx was shooting his new "Robin Hood" movie. It was interesting that at the same time, Holmes was also working on the sixth installment of "Mission Impossible" a few blocks away.

Reasons relationship wasn't publicized

Foxx and Holmes never set out to deceive anyone about their romance. They kept their relationship private for good reasons. Foxx told Entertainment Tonight in 2014 that he keeps his relationships private. To prove his point, Foxx has two daughters, Corinne, 23, and Annalise, 7, from previous secret relationships.

Holmes was married to actor Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012. When their marriage ended in 2012, some unusual stipulations were included in the divorce papers. Holmes wanted to get out of the marriage so badly that she agreed to the strict terms of her divorce so she could move on. She agreed to not date publicly for five years or to speak in public about Cruise, their marriage, or Scientology.

She also agreed to not allow their 11-year-old daughter, Suri, to be around any boyfriends. The 55-year-old iconic actor requested those things to protect his image.

Now that the five-year ban has expired, Katie and Jamie have more freedom. People questioned how their relationship will affect Jamie and Tom's friendship. Tom was responsible for Jamie starring with him in the 2004’s action film "Collateral." Some think Jamie violated the bro code by dating his friend's ex-wife.