On "The Young and the Restless," Jack Abbot will stop at nothing to get even with his little brother Billy. Now he is about to misuse a friendship and give power to Hurricane Hilary. He wants her to promote Jabot products on her show, and help him sabotage "Brash and Sassy."

Jack Abbot is on the prowl

Last week Jack asked Laureen to remove "Brash and Sassy" products from the shelves of Fenmores and allow Jabot cosmetics to utilize the space. Laureen refused and now he is enlisting help from Hilary. On Monday he met her for lunch and rolled out his current scheme.

He wants Ms. Curtis o to advertise the new Jabot line on her talk show, but she was hesitant.

Jack is trying to get his cosmetics into the hands of consumers and decrease Victoria and Billy's sales. Hilary points out that she does not desire to infuriate the Newmans any more than she already has but eventually agrees to help her friend. Unknown to her Jack really wants to wipe "Brash and Sassy" off the map and put his brother and former sister in law out of business. Jack is on the prowl and no one can stop him.

Jack does not even care about Nikki

Victoria warned Jack that his relationship with her mother would suffer if Nikki believed he was trying to take down "Brash and Sassy." This did not deter Mr.

Abbot he simply went on to his plan B. Jack believes Parker beauty supplies being promoted by Hilary will cause a drastic decrease in sales for Billy and Victoria and eventually the company will fail. Nikki even warned Jack not to hurt her daughter or their relationship would be over. He is so far gone he is not listening to reason.

Victoria will be angry when she finds out that Hilary is promoting Jack's cosmetics line, but it's legal. This will only cause her and Billy to dig in deeper and fight to stay on top of things. Hurricane Hilary will sit back and watch the fallout of all the problems she has caused. She will enjoy her ratings boost and take no thought of the lives that are affected by her playing both ends against the middle.

So far Billy and Victoria have remained a step ahead of Jack and Phyllis. They found out Jack was trying to get Laureen to remove their products and let Ashley know about it. Vicky also admitted she knows Phyllis told Ben Hochman to reach out to her, and all of that fell through.Ben did not take over "Brash and Sassy" and Laureen is going to leave their cosmetics on her company shelves. Now Jack is placing all his hopes on Hilary's help. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS.