Executive producer Krista Vernoff previewed what is next for Teddy and Owen following their brief encounter in the premiere of “Grey’s AnatomySeason 14. Vernoff also teased what is in store for Jo and Alex.

Teddy Altman's return affects Owen

When it was reported that Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) would return to “Grey’s Anatomy,” fans immediately thought of Owen and asked, “How will her presence affect him?” Most importantly, how will he feel? Will her presence rekindle old emotions? Fans may remember that Teddy confessed to Owen that she had always loved.

Owen admitted that he loved (past tense) her too, but he already loves someone else (he was already engaged to someone else).

However, it seems Owen lied. Teddy’s return brought back old feelings. He kissed her and showed his intent to push things further with her. Teddy refused to start things between them given his current situation. Owen is after all, still a married man. He is still married to Amelia.

Will Teddy and Owen finally become a couple?

In an interview with TV Line, Vernoff explained why Owen kissed Teddy. Whether his action was driven by his feelings for her or by the frustration over the state of his non-marriage, his response was pretty direct. “I think his kiss is driven both by his desire for Teddy that is undeniable and the fact that he’s been so totally rejected by his wife,” Vernoff said.

The question now is whether we will see Teddy and Owen together this time. Vernoff did not touch on this possibility.

However, there is a chance that they will not become a couple at all. Owen has to take care of his married life first and his estranged relationship with his wife, Amelia. Amelia needs her husband now more than ever because of her brain tumor.

Vernoff teased that the tumor is to blame for her erratic behavior, which in turn caused the crisis in their marriage. Once Owen learns this, then he might try to reach out to his wife and eventually fix their marriage.

Happy life ahead for Jo and Alex

On the positive side, we saw Jo and Alex reunite in the premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 thanks to Ben.

Things are only going to get better for Jolex, according to Vernoff. Even though Jo’s husband is still out there, there will be more good times ahead for the lovebirds. “There’s joy and romance — and these two characters really earned this, “Vernoff said. Of course, there will be some dark twists in store as well given the existence of Jo’s abusive husband, but even he cannot hamper the joy.