#Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 will see Kim Raver reprise her role as Dr. Teddy Altman. The character’s return could set up another love triangle and hamper Owen and Amelia’s rekindled romance.

Will Dr. Altman come in between Owen and Amelia?

Season 13 of the Shonda Rhimes series ended with a hint that Owen and Amelia are bound to rekindle their romance. They shared that emotional moment in the elevator and Amelia was there to support Owen when he learned that Megan is alive. The pair bonded and fans could not be happier with the idea of seeing them fix their marriage.

However, the return of Dr. Altman in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 may hinder plans, if there are any, of a reconciliation. According to TV Line, Altman will have guest appearances only, although it is unclear how many episodes she is in.

How can Dr. Altman possibly affect Owen and Amelia’s marriage?

Fans may remember that she professed her love for Owen even though she knew at that time that he was already with Christina. Owen admitted that he loved her too. They both shared a mutual affection for each other. Of course, things have since changed after Owen fired her so she can take her dream job at MEDCOM.

However, the fact that Dr. Altman had the courage to tell Owen that she loves him, even when he was already engaged, says a lot about her personality.

She is open to revealing her emotions even if it could potentially harm relationships. When she confessed to Owen, she unintentionally strained their friendship. What’s to say this would not happen again when they reconnect?

Will there be a love triangle for Dr. Altman, Owen, and Amelia?

The show is no stranger when it comes to love triangles.

Fans saw Meredith fight for her love for Derek against Addison in the previous seasons. Now speculations point to her possibly involved in another triangle with Nathan and Megan. However, will fans see Dr. Altman get involved with Owen and Amelia’s marriage in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14? This is still unclear, though this is a possibility given how showrunner Shonda Rhimes loves to revisit love triangle storylines.

How soon will Dr. Altman make an appearance?

The surgeon is expected to return in the premiere episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14. Her appearance in the installment was hinted in the Season 13 Finale when her name was mentioned as the person who confirmed that Megan is indeed alive. Her return is possibly linked to Megan’s appearance, so the show can continue with this storyline. Regardless, whether Dr. Altman poses a problem for Owen and Amelia’s relationship is unclear. Fans will have to find out when the show returns this fall, presumably late in September or first week of October.