In season 7 of “Game of Thrones,” Arya Stark completely transformed into a deadly assassin who solely rely on her own skills in carrying out revenge against those who betrayed and murdered her family. Among the surviving Stark siblings, she is the one least vulnerable and needing any protection at all.

However, in a recent interview with Highsnobiety Magazine, Maisie Williams, raised some concerns about her character – as Arya becomes more independent and exhibiting a “hard-ass attitude.” It appears Williams thinks such traits could endanger Arya’s life - saying that she wants Arya to be safe and that someone should look out for her.

Arya had it rough

The 20-year-old GoT actress thinks that it would be good to have peace of mind that Arya has an elder who protects her. Williams pointed out that Arya had it rough and suggested that it would be nice for her character to have a “nice hunk.” Gendry may very well fit such role, and it would be interesting if such story arc will be explored in GoT season 8.

However, Williams was quick to make it clear that those were her personal thoughts. Acknowledging the harsh realities of “Game of Thrones,” Williams told the magazine she couldn't imagine those happening in the HBO hit series – but only in her personal world. “That’s what I would like for her,” Williams added.

Similarities with Arya Stark

As to whether Maisie Williams shared similarities in character with her GoT alter ego, the 20-year-old revealed she does. Williams said that like Arya, she is also a hot head, quick to jump to conclusions, and regularly her own “worst enemy.”

The young actress further revealed that viewers will see a lot of those traits this season and that Arya “gets herself into trouble a few times.” It is unclear though if Williams was hinting about her character’s storyline in “Game of Thrones” season 8.

On being a victim of bullying

Maise Williams’ participation in “Game of Thrones” opened her to bullying both online and in her school – forcing her to leave and be homeschooled instead. The GoT actress also had to erase parts of her social media footprints to avoid any issues after she became a subject of abuse on the web.

In 2015, Williams was in the film “Cyberbully,” which tackled the dangers and effects of online hate and trolling.

She also devoted herself to various social causes like animal welfare and women’s rights.

After ‘Game of Thrones’

With “Game of Thrones” in its final season, Williams had already embarked on projects to work on once the popular show finally ends. The 20-year-old British actress has started (with a partner) a production company, which aims to develop and produce short films originating from the UK. Williams is also part of the Marvel film, “X-Men: New Mutants.”