On "General Hospital," Jake Weber gave Franco reason to question everything he thought he believed about his childhood. While looking at a photo of two little boys, Jake says that one of them is his father, Jason. Spoiler alerts say that Franco will be the first to see the new guy when he comes to town. And this week, he will begin asking questions. WHen he does not get satisfactory answers, he will do some soul-searching and come to his own conclusion regarding his past.

Scott sends his son to Heather

Initially, it was believed that Jason and Franco were twins, but DNA proved he was the son of Scott Baldwin and Heather Weber.

Jake saying that the boy in the photo is his father has Franco questioning all he knows about his past. On Friday he tried to get answers from his father, who reminded him they only found out about each other a few years ago. Mr. Baldwin then suggested his son talk to his birth mother.

"General Hospital" viewers know that Ms. Weber is not always forth coming. She often talks in riddles and does not say what she really means. Heather also will lie when it suits her agenda. Her relationship with her son runs hot and cold, so she will probably not be much help. Spoiler alerts indicate that Franco is going to get conflicting answers everywhere he turns and will eventually do some soul searching.

This will lead him this week to come to his own conclusions regarding his childhood.

Franco's saga will last quite a while

Previous spoiler alerts have quoted "General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valentini as saying that this storyline which will involve the return of Steve Burton will take about nine months to play out.

Knowing this, it does not seem likely that Franco's revelation this week will be a significant one. It may even be a distraction to keep viewers interested as this 9-month storyline plays out. Even so, it marks the beginning of the mystery surrounding why the little boy in the photo looks like Jason Morgan.

Burton is slated to return in October, so it seems the stage is being set to peak interest in which character he will portray.

Fans are pondering all the possibilities regarding the connection with Franco, and the most likely one at this point would be that Jason was separated at birth from a twin brother. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC to watch this mystery unfold. Keep watching for Spoiler alerts to find out in advance what may happen. Frank Valentini promised fans would be on the edge of their seats, and the excitement may begin this week.