The Duggar sisters, Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald and Joy-Anna Forsyth, are reportedly not agreeing to consolidate similar lawsuits with their brother, Josh. The latter apparently requested the court to have a joint lawsuit with his sisters as both cases are using the same. Reports are now feasting on this unexpected refusal of the siblings to cooperate in their legal battles.

The lawsuits filed separately by the Duggars

The above-mentioned daughters of Jim Bob Duggar filed a lawsuit in May 2017 against In Touch magazine, the police officials, and the city of Springdale, Arkansas.

The four sisters did not like the fact that the defendants have released pertinent documents regarding the involvement of Josh Duggar in a molestation dispute.

Josh then filed the same lawsuit, following his sisters’ legal case. Since both cases have similar charges and defendants, Jim’s son requested the court just to consolidate his case with his sisters.

Latest reports now say that Jill, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Jessa did not agree with their brother’s plea to consolidate. The refusal of the Duggar sisters then led to a new speculation reported by E! News.

The Duggars have conflicting legal interests?

According to the new report, one legal expert found that the legal battles of the Duggars seem to hint the absence of peace in the family.

Attorney Troy Slaten, a legal expert who is not connected to the Duggars, told the publication that he can see indications that the family is not in unity.

The lawyer detailed that since the family is having legal battles, it is a sign that the members are not coordinating with each other. He also pointed out that the siblings “are not on the same side.”

Furthermore, the lawyer speculates that “if everything was good,” the siblings would desire to support each other as a family.

It appears that the legal interest of Jill, Joy, Jessa, and Jinger is in opposition with their brother’s.

The sisters’ rationale in refusing to have joint lawsuit with Josh

In another report, the Wonderwall noted that some court documents have leaked revealing that the four sisters have requested the court not to grant the request of their brother.

Jim's daughters allegedly admitted that they do not want “sit alongsideJosh during the court proceedings if they would agree to have a joint lawsuit.

The sisters mentioned that the consolidated lawsuit would force them to be on the same side with Josh, who has previously admitted having molested Jill, Joy-Anna, Jinger, and Jessa. They explained that being on the same side with their assailant would result in a “false impression” that they, as victims, are in conspiracy with their perpetrator.

Moreover, the report mentioned that the sisters claimed that consolidating the lawsuit of the victims with their perpetrator “would further traumatize” them. They also emphasized that this does not agree with the Arkansas law that is made to protect the victims.