The writers of "General Hospital" have been building suspense for weeks regarding the return of Steve Burton. And fans are curious regarding the character he will portray this time around. Spoiler alerts indicate that Franco will be the first to see the new guy in Port Charles.

Unmasking the identity of Steve Burton

In recent weeks, "General Hospital" has done a good job of building suspense around the return of Steve Burton. Both Carly and Sam have emphasized that things are different since Jason returned to Port Charles. This would seem to imply that Billy Miller is a phony and Burton will return and take his rightful place as the true Jason Morgan.

There has been no mention of Miller leaving the show, which possibly could indicate that Miller is Jason and Burton could be his twin brother. Also, there is one more theory that has to do with Franco.

When Franco first came to Port Charles, it was strongly suggested that he and Jason were siblings. This was proven to be false, but it did not mean that there was not a long lost brother out there somewhere. Last week, Jake found a portrait that Franco said was a picture of himself and an imaginary friend. Now spoiler alerts say that Franco is going to delve into his past and also be the first one to have contact with Steve Burton's character. Could Burton be returning as the sibling of the struggling artist?

Fans are eager to unmask his identity, but previous spoilers have stated that it may be well into next year before the whole truth is known.

General Hospital is playing it close to the vest

Viewers already know that "GH" can play things pretty close to the vest as was the case with Luke Spencer. It was announced that he might return for Tracy Quartermaine's departure from Port Charles, but no details were given.

Geary said when he left "General Hospital" he was not going to return. There were rumors he was on the set for Jane Elliot's last day, but explicit details were never revealed.

Luke ended up in one scene that was less than 60 seconds. He was sitting at a table in a Paris cafe when Tracy walked in, and that was the end. He never set foot in Port Charles or had contact with any other residents.

It is probably safe to say that if the powers pulled this off once, they can do it again. If they don't want the viewers to know for certain what character Steve Burton will portray, then it will not be made known until the designated time. It is unfortunate, however, that they continue to tease loyal fans with scenes that keep them guessing.

On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," both Sam and Sonny visited Jason in the hospital, but Mr. Morgan's face was never shown. This is something that often is done when a different individual will be portraying a character. One could infer that when he is shown again, Jason will not be played by Billy Miller, and Steve Burton could possibly emerge from the bed. If the spoiler alerts are correct and Franco is going to be the first to see the new guy in Port Charles, then this will only have been another ruse.