Spoilers from soapsshknows.com suggest a shocking plot coming up for "The Young and the Restless." The Newman family will be dealt a devastating blow in regard to Nick and Sharon's daughter, Faith. The little girl's love of horses may lead to a tragic accident that will be heartbreaking for her loved ones. Victor is estranged from Nikki and Nicholas, and barely speaking to Victoria. A tragedy involving the pride and joy of the Newman Clan may have the potential to reunite them. It's possible that all of Genoa City could be affected by the fate of this child.

Faith loses faith in Victor

Faith Newman's life has not been the same since she returned to Genoa City from summer camp. She found out that lots of changes took place while she was away. Nikki moved from the ranch, and Victor kicked Nick out of the Tack House. Faith was angry that she and her dad had to move in with Chelsea. Faith missed the freedom of the ranch and the close proximity to her mother.

When she found out that her dad did not move on his own, but was kicked out by her grandfather, Faith expressed her disappointment to Victor. He, in turn, vowed to take revenge on Nick for ruining his relationship with his granddaughter. Victor called Kevin Fisher back to town to use his cyber skills to steal millions from his son.

The animosity between the two men continues to grow, and now, Victor has pictures indicating that Nikki is having an affair with Jack, so again, there is bad blood.

There may be an accident involving Faith and her horse

Spoilers are suggesting a storyline similar to the one with Rhett Butler's daughter in "Gone with the Wind." Bonnie Blue Butler was riding her horse when it threw her off and she died.

Sadly, both the child's parents were watching. Soapssheknows.com has it that Faith Newman will be in a competition with her own horse, and there will be a tragic accident. Naturally, if she is completing her family will be in attendance.

The good people of Genoa City have had enough tragedy with children on the show. Sharon's daughter Cassie died as a result of an automobile accident and so did little Delia, whose parents were Chloe and Billy. It would be catastrophic for Faith to die as well.

Spoiler alerts do not indicate the fate of the little girl, only that a possible accident with her horse may bring the family together. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless," and find out if it takes a tragedy to bring the family together.