With “Game of Thrones” preparing to film Season 8, the endless theories and speculations continue. The HBO series has stirred several predictions over the years and some ended up being true, like Arya killing Littlefinger and Jon’s lineage as a Targaryen. Now, as we enter into the final season, let us look at some of the theories that still exist.

Cersei dies at the hands of the Valonqar

In Season 5 Episode 5, a teenage Cersei learned that her death would come at the hands of the Valonqar. In Valyrian tongue, this word means “little brother.” We can associate this word with a few people, including Tyrion and Jaime Lannister, the Hound, Theon Greyjoy and even Euron Greyjoy.

Jaime is Cersei’s twin, although he was born a few minutes after her, and then there’s Tyrion who is the youngest. Theon is Yara’s younger brother and their uncle Euron is the little brother to their father, Balon Greyjoy. However, a popular theory points to Jaime as the Valonqar.

A scene in the Season 7 premiere, where Cersei and Jaime talked about war strategies, fuels this theory. It is interesting to point out that Cersei stood in one region of the map labeled “The Neck” and Jaime on “The Fingers” (see video below). Their positions are cryptic of Maggy the Frog’s prophecy on Cersei’s death, which goes, “When your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

Daenerys and Jon Snow become parents

Speculations that Daenerys Targaryen becomes pregnant with Jon Snow’s child went into overdrive after they made love in the Season 7 finale.

If this happens then it would go against Mirri Maz Duur’s prophecy that the Mother of Dragons cannot have children again. Kit Harington seemed to hint at the possibility of Jon Snow becoming a father in “Game of Thrones” Season 8. He gave a cheeky smile when asked if his character becomes a dad.

Jon Snow kills Daenerys in Season 8

Speculations point to Jon Snow or Aegon Targaryen as the Prince Who Was Promised, who is to fulfill the Azor Ahai prophecy. The prophecy calls for the prince to kill his true love with a sword plunged into her heart in order to save mankind. Given how Season 7 ended, we can assume that Daenerys becomes Jon Snow’s true love.

Daenerys supposedly dies to save people from the White Walkers and the Night King. This makes her a savior of Westeros instead of its ruler.

Tyrion is a Targaryen

When Drogon allowed Jon Snow to pet him, it was already a clear indication that the King of the North is not a Stark but a Targaryen, which the Season 7 finale confirmed. However, there is a chance that Tyrion may be a Targaryen too. He has always been obsessed with dragons and has wanted to have one since he was a child. Then in Season 6 he bravely unchained one of Dany’s dragons and the beast did not harm him. It is also worth mentioning that his father Tywin used to tell him, “You are no son of mine,” which could have a literal meaning.