One important scene in “Game of ThronesSeason 7 that hints at Cersei Lannister’s imminent death happened in the finale. She may have sentenced herself to die when she threatened to have her brother Jaime killed for treason.

An old prophecy

Cersei learned at a young age that her death would come from someone in her family. A flashback scene in Season 5 episode 5 showed a teenaged Cersei having her future told by an old woman. This woman named Maggy the Frog told her that she would die at the hands of a “valonqar.” In High Valyrian, this word means “little brother.” Likewise, the woman predicted that she would become queen and have three children.

Two out of these three prophecies came true: Cersei became queen of The Seven Kingdoms and she had three children, although they were her children with Jaime and not with her husband, King Robert Baratheon. Only one prediction has yet to happen and that is Cersei’s death.

Season 7 scene

A long-held speculation is that Jaime is the “Valonqar” in the prophecy. Although he and Cersei are twins, he was born a few minutes after her. This makes him her little brother. The theory that Jaime will kill Cersei was fuelled in a scene from the Season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” The siblings talked about the preparations for the oncoming battle with the White Walkers. Jaime told Cersei that he will march with the Lannister soldiers to Winterfell to help Jon and company.

However, Cersei backtracked on her promise that she would give her support. She lied and told Jaime that she would rather let Daenerys’ dragons and her army take care of the White Walkers than risk the lives of their soldiers. Their conversation turned into an argument as Jaime insisted that he leave and then Cersei accused him of treason for meeting with Tyrion behind her back.

She also threatened to have Jaime killed if he walks away from her. Of course, Jaime still turned and left.

Clues that hint Jaimie is the 'Valonqar'

Right before he left, Jaime had that look on his face that said he has had enough of Cersei. He seemed to have finally realized that his sister has gone mad. Worst, he looked like he had lost his love for Cersei.

It is also interesting to point out the scene in the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 that directs back to Maggy the Frog’s exact words about Cersei’s death. She said that Cersei would die when the “Valonqar” wraps his hands around her throat and choke her to death. Interestingly, in the scene (see video below) Cersei stood on a region of the map called “The Neck” while Jaime on “The Fingers.” According to Pop Sugar, their location could be a hint that Jaime is indeed the “Valonqar” who will kill Cersei.