Game of Thrones has mesmerized audiences all throughout the world and catapulted itself straight into fame with its well-written and powerful characters, diverse fantasy world, and its amazingly realistic depiction of war. It's been twelve days since the breathtaking finale and die hard fans will have to wait for what seems like millennia for the next installment. However, rather than moping around for the whole time, here are some shows that can ease and make the “GoT” pain go away.

Castlevania (Netflix series)

Castlevania is a short animation series based on NES’ “Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse” that was released in North America in 1990.

The anime was premiered on Netflix worldwide last July 7 where all four of the episodes was released at the same time. Each of the episodes runs from 23-25 minutes each telling a story of a vampire hunter that fights a besieged city from the dark army of Dracula. If four episodes are not enough, Netflix announced that a second season is underway with eight episodes, which will premiere on 2018.

Spartacus (Starz series)

The New Zealand produced-TV show, “Spartacus” is more like “GoT” than you can imagine. The epic tale of a Thracian gladiator turned liberator was centered on gore and grand battles that have vast similarities in the battles of Westeros. The show even has similar scenes that are just like the Red Wedding massacres and major characters meeting their untimely ends.

They even have their version of ice wall but don’t expect that it will be as big as its Westerosi counterpart.

Attack on Titan (Anime series)

Attack On Titan author, Hajime Isayama is a self-proclaimed “Game of Thrones” fan so you can find right away the similarities between the two show. First and foremost, both the shows focused on dark, gore and gritty story lines.

Furthermore, both the show has massive walls that guard the protagonists against the enemies, but in AoT’s case, they have Titans instead of White Walkers. All in all, you can find your favorite character dead in both series that will make you feel despicable about humanity.

Arslan Senki (Anime Series)

If you liked the medieval aspect in George R.R.

Martin’s masterpiece, you would absolutely like what “Arslan Senki” has to offer. The anime’s protagonist, Arslan is much like Daenerys Targaryen where both of them was somewhat exiled from their homeland, and they have to reclaim their kingdom bit by bit. Furthermore, Arslan wants to abolish the slavery in his nation just like what Dany did back in Meereen and the cities within the Slaver’s Bay.