When reading a book or watching a movie, it is good to pay attention to the setting because it adds flavor to the story. It is interesting to know about the setting in Netflix's latest movie, "Our Souls at Night," starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. The highly acclaimed movie was filmed at a Colorado College professor's house. David Hendrickson didn't request that his house be used in that movie or any other movie. In fact, he was quite surprised to find a note on his door at his Colorado Springs home one day last year.

Hendrickson's house was selected because a location scout thought it was the perfect location for Addie Moore, played by 79-year old Jane Fonda who invited Louis Waters, played by 81-year-old Robert Redford, to visit her at night.

The movie is based on the book by the late Kent Haruf where he used the fictional town of Holt, Colorado as his setting. The film crew decided to look for a place in Colorado Springs, and they found the ideal house to use.

The professor's reaction

Hendrickson was just as shocked as anyone else to learn that his house had been selected for the setting where the iconic actress Jane Fonda would be living for two months. The professor said a location manager rode through his neighborhood and selected his house. He didn't know exactly why the house was chosen and the location manager didn't give him a reason. However, Hendrickson concluded that it probably was what the production team was looking for to go along with their script.

His house has a very big kitchen, a wraparound porch, and a nice backyard.

The professor and his family had to move out of the house for a couple of months, but they didn't mind. Hendrickson said it was an ideal time for him because he was on sabbatical and was away in Santa Fe working on a book. His family was able to rent a house across the street during the filming of the movie.

Changes made to the house

The production crew did make some minor changes to the house. They painted the kitchen and the hallway in addition to putting up wallpaper and curtains. They also planted flowers around the house. The crew moved all the Hendrickson's furniture out of the house and replaced it with theirs. After the filming was over, they moved the original furniture back in.

Hendrickson said it was a great experience for him and his family. His son was hired as an assistant to the location manager and learned a lot while getting paid.

After the Henrickson house was selected, the college professor said he read the book and loved the story. He is having a viewing party with his neighbors so they can see exactly how the house looks in the movie.