It has been a long run, and the fandom cannot deny it. "Supernatural" has been going on longer than the lifetime of some of its youngest fans (apparently 12-year-olds are very brave nowadays in regard to horror shows). For it to end seems like an impossibility. This show has meant the world to millions of fans around the globe, so stopping it would crush so many hearts.

"Supernatural" has come a long way

Through conventions, discussion panels, countless fan-fictions, and a huge hype in all types of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) "Supernatural" has created one of the greatest fandoms (a true "Supernatural family").

One of the longest running questions, along with the show itself, has been the season when "Supernatural" will end.

During the first few seasons, "Supernatural," as many other TV Shows in their beginning, was neither steady nor secure. The actors and directors themselves were always on edge whether they would get renewed for another season, and were just hoping to get away with at least three of them. However, after the show managed to survive the risky transition from the WB Network to The CW ("Supernatural" is actually older than its own current network), things became a little more secure, and the directors could finally breathe with ease.

What no one imagined, is for "Supernatural" to go on for 13 seasons, and still be popular among its viewers.

In this type of television genre, there can be plenty to write about, while still managing to keep the show fresh. Throughout the seasons, there were many ups and downs, and not all episodes (and storylines themselves) could be considered great; however, the writers and the actors were able to keep on re-inventing the show season after season, and keep the audience's jaw dropped.

Season 14: the grand finale

After 2015, this show holds the title as the longest running sci-fi TV Show in television history, however, it seems it may have an end in sight. After an interview with Jared Padalecki (that plays Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), and the executive producer Bob Singer, it seems that the time for the final showdown will soon be upon us.

Although there are always jokes about the infinite continuance of "Supernatural," where the actors will have gray hair, or they will simply be replaced by younger hunters (the show will somehow go on with the "Wayward Daughters" spin-off); they, nevertheless, want to end on a high note. What they want to do is end the series, on the 300th episode, which means that there will be the 14th season with only a 14-episode story-arch. Maybe it is too difficult for the fans, to hear such news; however, they would not want their favorite show to run out of amazing ideas and characters, just for the sake of continuing forever.

The TV Show "Supernatural" has managed to maintain steady ratings throughout the years, although in the last season, a decline has been noticed.

The CW network has stated that it will not cancel the show, and it will keep on being on board with "Supernatural" as long as the show itself wants to be on the air. Saying goodbye is never easy; however, we cannot help but imagine the greatness and the effort that the writers will put in final episode where "Carry On My Wayward Son" will be heard.