World Wrestling Entertainment athlete John Cena is one of the voice actors in the upcoming movie titled Ferdinand.” The third trailer has recently been released where the wrestler reveals more about his new animated project.

Cena is the voice behind a kind-hearted bull named Ferdinand, the main character in the movie with a title that also bears his name. The story will revolve around this bull that goes to a bull-fighting match and becomes part of an adventure that will take him back home.

“Ferdinand” is a 20Th Century Fox production and will be shown in theaters on December 15, Slash Film reported.

It is produced by the same company that brought the iconic animated movies such as “Rio” and “Ice Age” to international fame. Blue Sky Studios also takes part in the production.

John Cena’s new movie

“Ferdinand is like a very big, very strong, family pet. The world sees Ferdinand as one thing, a fighter. I know exactly how Ferdinand feels,” the wrestler said in the new trailer.

His character tries to reconcile his nature as a domesticated animal and his new challenges as he takes on a battle with other bulls in the field. Bulls are known as wild mammals, able to take down humans but the voice actor said, “Don’t judge a bull by its cover.”

This is not Cena’s first voice acting stint in a full-length film.

He was selected as the voice actor in various other productions in the past such as “Surf’s Up 2” and “Marvel Avengers Academy.”

The movie is based on a 1936 book titled “The Story of Ferdinand,” written by Munro Leaf. In the original story, the bull was described as an animal that “would rather sit and smell the flowers rather than butt heads with the other bulls.”

Film production company 20th Century Fox, is offering a new twist to this story by taking audiences on a tale of how he found his family owners after a bull-fighting match.

It is directed by the same director of “Rio,” Carlos Saldanha.

Stellar cast

The new trailer of “Ferdinand” also revealed that Nick Jonas will be featured on the movie soundtrack. Among the other voice actors in the upcoming animated film are “Saturday Night Live” star Kate McKinnon and “Jane The Virgin” actress Gina Rodriguez.

The movie will also feature Anthony Anderson and Peyton Manning, Karla Martinez, Miguel Angel Silvestre and Raul Esparza. Manning is voicing the character of Ferdinand’s friend named Guapo, and together, they are set to go on a unique adventure that will test their personalities and physical strength.