John Cena is the true face of WWE and there is no denying that at all. He is a role model to young children, an all-around great guy, and could end up winning a World Championship for a record 16th time at the "Royal Rumble." He is everything that a wrestling babyface should be, but it appears as if WWE may soon change that and actually have him go through a heel turn.

Over on "Total Divas," Cena's real-life girlfriend Nikki Bella is a full-on reality star who is also seriously involved in the women's division on "SmackDown LIVE." She has played the role of the heel more recently, but what does that have to do with her boyfriend?

It could have a lot to do if WWE decides to pair them together as an on-screen heel power couple.

John Cena's heel turn has been teased for years

It has been a very long time since John Cena has been anything more than a babyface and the face of WWE. Sure, he is still booed out of the building by half of the audience, but those are just how wrestling fans are. Honestly, there wouldn't be much difference if Cena turned heel except for the fact that those that currently boo him would cheer him and his current fans would hate him.

Nikki Bella's heel turn has already started

For weeks now, Natalya and Nikki Bella have found themselves in a feud on "SmackDown LIVE," and it has gotten quite personal.

Most recently, Natalya told Nikki that Cena would never marry her and that she would "die alone." While it seems as if Natalya is keeping her evil streak alive, the anger is building up inside of Nikki and will eventually come out as full-on rage.

Everyone knows Cena and Bella are a couple - feud with Stephanie and Triple H?

If WWE finally recognizes that John Cena and Nikki Bella are a real-life couple and brings that into storylines, it's one thing.

Turning them into an on-screen power couple would make sense, but if they want to get anywhere with the fans...they need to also turn them heel. Making them about-face with the fans would immediately have them rule Tuesday nights, and it could set up a lot of storylines along the way.

While they are on different shows, it could lead to setting up a feud with the power couple from "Monday Night Raw" - Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

While it seems very intriguing, the separate brands is problem number one. The second issue is that Stephanie and Triple H are also full-on heels, but that can be switched up.

John Cena and Nikki Bella may never become an on-screen couple, and it is quite possible that WWE never has them do a full-on heel turn. That could especially be true for Cena, but anything is possible, and a lot could be accomplished by pulling the trigger on it.