John Cena and Nikki Bella might get engaged very soon! Several rumors are circulating about the WWE star proposing to his longtime girlfriend at "WrestleMania 33," which takes place in Orlando on April 2. Several media outlets believe that these two lovebirds will take the next step in their relationship in just a couple of months. The rumors are already promising a good turnout for the PPV event. While a lot of people will watch for the wrestling portion, there are a lot of people who will tune in for the rumored proposal. Either way, this is indeed fantastic publicity for the upcoming event.

Will John Cena actually get married?

If you have watched "Total Divas," you probably know that the WWE star never wanted to get married and that he does not want children. However, he has warmed up to the idea of getting married because he is in love with Nikki and he has said that he loves her more than he has ever loved anyone. The main issue that the two face is the fact that Nikki Bella wants to have children and, as mentioned above, John Cena does not.

Cena has said that he is worried that he and Nikki will get married and then she will realize that she really does want to become a mother and she will be forced to make a really tough decision. This is something that the couple has been open about for quite some time -- and it could be the reason Nikki turns John's marriage proposal down.

Why 'WrestleMania 33'?

Many fans are wondering why John Cena would ask Nikki Bella to marry him in such a public way -- if that is indeed his plan. Perhaps it's just all for ratings. Since the WWE has really been trying to get people interested in these reality shows (from "Total Divas" to "Total Bellas"), it seems like an engagement would be a huge boost.

An engagement between these two at Wrestlemania will be one of the most memorable moments in WWE history, especially if it is done right.

Do you think that John Cena and Nikki Bella will get engaged in 2017? Do you think that John will propose during "WrestleMania 33"?