The latest updates and spoilers for "Flashpoint" will feature Gal Gadot reprising her role as Wonder Woman in "The Flash" live-action film. Kiersey Clemon's character, Iris West has been cut from the theatrical release of the "Justice League" movie.

Wonder Woman in 'The Flash' movie

It seems that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Diana Prince in the "Flashpoint" movie starring her "Justice League" co-star Ezra Miller. According to Deadline, Gadot's name has been attached to the movie, and its plot will follow the same storyline from the comic book.

"Flashpoint" will feature Barry Allen waking up in an alternate present timeline after he traveled back in time to save his mother, Nora from being murdered. The Flash's actions led to a huge disruption to the timestream and caused a series of chain reactions that changed the history of the DC universe.

The new timeline featured an on-going war between Wonder Woman's Amazons and the forces of Atlantis led by their king, Aquaman. The conflict started with the assassination of Queen Hippolyta during a treaty between Atlantis and Themyscira. The Amazon's accused the Atlanteans of her death, while the other side claimed someone else planned this.

It was during that time that Diana and Arthur fell in love with each another and started an affair.

Queen Mera, Arthur's wife discovered their affair and attacked Wonder Woman. Diana killed Mera out of retaliation and Aquaman was outraged by what she did, resulting in an all-out war between their races.

No Iris West appearance in 'Justice League'

Another character has been removed from the theatrical release of the "Justice League" live-action tweeted that Kiersey Clemons' scenes as Iris West have been cut from the film.

Clemon's character will be Barry's love interest in DC Extended Universe similar to the comics and she will also appear in the "Flashpoint" movie. Lex Luthor's scene in the "Justice League" film was also cut as part of director Joss Whedon's script in the movie's revision.

Luthor's scene will feature him talking to Deathstroke and he hires him to kill Batman.

The film will feature Bruce Wayne and Diana recruiting earth's metahumans to stop Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips from conquering the planet.

Steppenwolf will need to find the three Mother Boxes that were left behind by Darkseid during his first invasion of earth. The movie is also rumored to feature two Green Lantern members and two post-credits scenes.