Josh Duggar expressed his desire to join his sisters in the privacy lawsuit that they've filed. However, it appears that his sisters Jill, Jinger, Joy, and Jessa do not want Josh to be involved in the case. Recently, E!News obtained the latest court documents revealing the Duggar sisters take on their brother’s intention towards their privacy lawsuit. In June 2017 the controversial reality TV star made headlines when he sought to join his sibling’s lawsuit.

Privacy lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed in May against Springdale, Ark., Washington County, police officials, and InTouch magazine against police documents that were divulged to the public in 2015.

The Duggar sisters revealed to E!News last May that for them, disclosing the identities of juveniles under such circumstances is a violation of the law. The aggrieved siblings would like the custodians of the public documents, and the media be held accountable for their actions. Further, they hope that the case could be an example in protecting the children from irresponsible reporting in the future.

Request to deny

According to the report by E!News, they were able to obtain the court documents claiming that the Duggar sisters would like the judge to deny Josh of his request to join their privacy lawsuit claiming the request to join the case would just confuse the jury.

They have to decide on claims protecting victims of sex crimes from disclosure and at the same time having this claim joined by the perpetrator of the crime would be ridiculous.

The document further claims that the consolidation would give the false impression that the victims and the offender are in this together. Currently, the judge has not yet released a response to this request from the Duggar sisters.

Fifth baby

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna is expected to give birth anytime this month. It was recently reported that the couple decided to leave their kids with Josh's parents while they are away.

In March, Josh announced that his wife is pregnant with their fifth child. The pregnancy happened two years after Josh’s disgraceful controversies were exposed.

The 29-year-old reality TV star was accused of sexually molesting five underage girls. Aside from this, he was later exposed as one of the users in the equally controversial Ashley Madison dating service.

The dating site is known to people who are searching for extra marital affairs. After the series of situations that Josh Duggar got himself into, their family’s show, “19 Kids and Counting,” was eventually canceled by the network.