Almost everyone was expecting to see Peter Kraus as the next lead to host the upcoming season of "The Bachelor" scheduled for a 2018 release. It is worth noting that the dietitian fell short in "The Bachelorette" finale when he refused to propose to Rachel Lindsay, who eventually picked Bryan Abasolo as her lucky suitor.

ABC shocks 'Bachelor' nation with casting announcement

Although he failed to win the heart of the female barrister, Peter Kraus' name emerged as the next Bachelor until ABC announced Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the newest lead of the dating program.

"I just kind of went in with an open mind, open heart," he said of the announcement.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. revealed that even his family did not know about his "The Bachelor" plans since he tried to keep the details under wraps. When asked about his ideal relationship, the 35-year-old lead emphasized the importance of chemistry before he recalled his journey on "The Bachelorette" back in 2012.

Although he and Emily Maynard have shared a good connection built on chemistry, Arie Luyendyk Jr. fell short in winning the competition. Hence, he is looking forward to developing the same association with the women on "The Bachelor" in hopes to find the right one.

Kraus breaks silence after 'Bachelor' casting

Shortly after Arie Luyendyk Jr. was named as the new Bachelor, Peter Kraus looked back at his journey on the reality show in an emotional Instagram post. He even labeled the experience as "the most incredible journey" of his life which he said has "officially come to an end" after the big reveal on Thursday.

The runner-up said he was struggling to hold back his emotions while writing his thoughts on his "The Bachelorette" experience. Peter Kraus went on to thank Rachel Lindsay for allowing him to express himself on the reality show before he professed his love for her.

He also extended his best wishes to the female barrister who is now engaged to her lucky suitor Bryan Abasolo.

The personal trainer and model also expressed his gratitude to ABC for treating him with love and kindness and for allowing him to experience a life he never imagined he could have.

Peter Kraus even acknowledged that something held him back while he was on the show which made him realize the importance of taking risks when opportunities come knocking on the door. He also promised to always look back at his "The Bachelorette" journey with happy thoughts regardless of its outcome.