Josh Duggar has left his four kids with his parents because his wife Anna is due to give birth to their fifth child. It was previously reported that Anna Duggar would give birth in August 2017. However, it appears that the pregnancy is running longer than expected.

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With Anna expected to give birth any time now, the couple decided to leave their four kids to the care of Josh’s parents. In March 2017, Josh Duggar announced his wife’s pregnancy. The announcement happened a couple of years after his scandal was exposed. The 29-year-old Duggar was accused of molesting five underage girls.

Two of these girls are his own younger sisters. He was also exposed as one of the users of Ashley Madison, a popular website for people who are looking for extra marital affairs. The explosive controversy triggered the cancellation of the family’s show titled “19 Kids and Counting.”

Josh spent the next two years of his life away from the public eye. While he is not seen on the TV series anymore, the reality star has managed to attract intrigues and controversies. His name has been in the headlines of various news over the past few years. The news about the new baby coming to his family had fans thinking that it could help the reality star get back into the TV show. There were several speculations that his father, Jim Bob, has been lobbying for his appearance in “Counting On.”


With several failed attempts to try and bring Josh Duggar back to the spotlight, it seems that the new baby is not a guarantee that the actor could appear in the show.

In any event, right now the family’s attention is centered on the arrival of their fifth child.

Noticeably, Anna has been making an effort to become relevant in the public eye again. Josh Duggar’s wife has been very active on her social media accounts since spring. Her official Twitter account is always being updated with photos of her kids during their birthdays or on family outings.

Her most recent tweet was congratulating Joy-Anna on her pregnancy.

Aside from Josh, his wife appears to always attract attention too. Her post about a family trip to a Christian rehabilitation center in Illinois has received various reactions from fans and haters. Some fans expressed concern because she is still flying despite her pregnancy nearing its due date. There were also several speculations about the reason for her visit. Josh Duggar and his wife are expecting their baby boy this month.